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Corvette traps

Once upon a time​

Remember 90% of Corvettes had have a roof life . In the 70s they had no value other than used car price. They drove in the winter, they were modified , they drove street race, etc.

Avoid these and concentrate on the remaining 10%.


Words explanations

  • Match. #: Matching numbers, means org. drivetrain car was delivered with.
  • Non Hit Body: The car has never been hit.
  • Bill of Sale: The car original Bill of sale.
  • Owners manual: car original manual.
  • Consumer Information: Technical Specifications.
  • Vehicle warranty: Owner service with "Protector-o-plate" metal plate with the first owner's name.
  • Tank Sticker: Original equipment order (build sheet) glued on top of original gas can.
  • Motor sizes:

    Small Block:
    283cu (4.8 L)
    ​327cu (5.4 L)
    ​350cu (5.7 L)
  • Big Block:
    396cu (7.0 L)
    427cu (7.3 L)
    454cu (7.6 L)

    ​More information about engines and services you will find at the bottom of "Corvette history.
  • Gearboxes:
    3 speed: Standart from 55-66
    4 speed:
    M20 Standart from 67
    ​M21 Close Ration, small stroke shifting.
    ​M22 Rock Crusher, extremely rare.
    Powerglide: 53-67 (2 speed automatic transmission)
    350 Turbo Hydra-Matic: 3 speed automatic transmission.
    400 Turbo Hydra-Matic: 3 speed automatic H.P.
  • H.P. (High Performance):
    High output small block and big block, normally with a mechanical valve lifter and high compression.

  • P.S:
    Power Stearing

  • P.B:
    Power Brake

  • P.W:
    Power Window

  • T.T:
    Tilt and telescope steering wheel.

  • AC:
    Air Conditioning, from 1963 ->.

  • T-top:
    Detachably roof parts, 1968 ->.

  • Top:
    Detachable on Convertible.

  • Hardtop:
    Fixed roof for convertible.

  • Six Pack:
    3x2 ported Caburatorer, 1967 ->

  • Side Pipe:
    Exhaust along the body lower beltline. 1965-67 + 1969th

  • Knock off wheels:
    Alloy wheel with spinner. 1964-67.

    ​This is the main equipment to give you an overview of any car's condition and equipment level.

Companions, check out

ATTENTION! All prices are in "worst case" and based on that you can not perform the work yourself.

  • Frame:
    - Rust, special in front off rear wheels, window frame, radiator frame etc.
    - Diagonal frame messering (former accident)
    Poor frame = rammelyft, cost approx. 10-20000 Euro (see "restoration")

  • Body style:
    Fiber glas with a metal reinforcement in the form of:
    Coupe: Birdcage (metal) circulated throughout the passenger cabin.
    Cab: Cowl and windshield frame.
    - Rust in these zones.
    - Damage to the fiber / repairs. Non Hit body is the best. Minor injuries are ok if they are repaired professional.
    - Poor aligement of hood and doors (doors must close with a click) may indicate previous damage.
    Poor body can cost over 20.000 Euro to repair.

  • Interior:
    - Instruments (without clock), do they work? Complete renovation of approx. up to 2000 Euro.
    - Complete interior costing up to 7000 euro.


  • Brakes:
    Bad disks, leaky caliber, bad hoses, etc.
    Complete renovations can cost up to 3000 euro.

  • Engines:
    God cold start, any noice, smuth iddling, check for blow-by (after warm-driving, oil vapor out of the oil fillercap.)
    Renovation of the small block will cost up 7.000 Euro. Big block up to 8.000 Euro.

  • Gearbox:
    - Manual:
    Check changed lightness and for noise.

  • Automatic:
    coler of oil, smell for burns, look for oil leaks.

  • Rear-end
    Loose rear-end, you fell the body stearing over the frame.
    Restauration off a coplet rear-end up to 2.600 - 4.000 Euro.

  • Crom:
    Bumper, door handles, cab parts, mouldings etc. up to 3000 Euro for complete replacement.

  • Glass:
    Windscreen mounted approx. 800 Euro.
    Side window mounted approx. 1000 Euro.
    Includes underpad and installation approx. 1500 Euro.

  • Wheels new:
    - Knock off the spinner, 3300 Euro.
    - Steel wheels with trim, 1000 Euro.
    - Tires, 1000-1500 Euro.

  • Side Pipe:
    Fiber Cover (C3), 2000 Euro.
    Stainless steel cover (C2 - 2000 Euro. C3 69 original aluminium style 2600 - 4000 Euro)
    Std. Exhaust approx. 1000 Euro.

  • Weather stripping:
    - Body, 800 Euro.
    - Top, 500 Euro.

This is roughly traps and prices to get them repaired professional



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