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Yes We are still alive..
Covid 19 hat slow every thing down, concerning meating and seminar.
Whitch a new record of Corvette sold, I fell the hobby have never been stronger..
We have sold 11 pc. of the new C8 Corvette, what a car.

We will this spring have a seminar about the new Corvette C8 at US pitstop in Ejby on fun.​

We wish Peter Hasselblad congratulation with his new 1958 Impala Coupe.

On a beautiful August day august 2015, Peter pick up the car.

This is the 4 car We deliverer to Peter and Thanks for the trust.

Niklas had the interest for Corvette, since he play with toys cars. Every winter for the last 5 years, he come from Stockholm (550km) to participate in Dream factory's seminar.

Last week, he call and said it was time, a 69 coupe, blue with black interior was his top priority. 3 days later we sold him a 70 Silver Coupe with red interior.

Why - let the picture off the color combination, burn in on your brain , what about 2800 originals miles, look at the pictures on the un restored undercarice - that's why. Dreamfactory congratulate Niklas with a unique Corvette.

​Don't just Dream it - Do it.​

​Congratulations with the new ZR1.

Now You can make Donuts, like Homer.



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