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The History about the classic Corvette

1953-1962 Known as the C1 model.


First year of Corvette, the car was built of fiberglass and still is after almost 60 year. the 6 cylinder Corvette existed only in convertible with automatic transmission.


Now it was introduced with its first V8, from now on a Corvette have only V8.

Firstl face lifting, now with famous side-coves, a very clean body of European style.

For many the most beautiful C1. model, now is an American sports car in the best '50s style, lots of chrome, dual headlights, side coves etc.


Still same chassis / frame, but rear end is the one who would come out at the new body in 1963. Some believe it is a clone, with its 50s front and 60s rearend.

Introducing the new 327cu. V8. up to 315 hp. one coler body, small white-line tires.

1963-1967 Kendt som C2 modellen

The Sting Ray model, split window, Design Ikon, power headlights, beltline all around the car.

Disc brakes on all 4 wheels, was the year's big news. (previously only drums) Later in the model year, introduced the first big-block at 396cu. With its 425hk it was a monster. next years it grew to 427cu.

Last year off the C2 model, clean look New wider wheels and with 427cu-435hk (six-pack) was a muscle car icon born. First year for L88 Engine.

1968-1982 Kendt som C3 modellen

Introducing the new C3 model, with the cockpit inspired gauges, vacum viper, shark inspired body, it quickly became favorites of youth, which could also be seen in sales figures. Now it went fast with wheel width from 50's 5 "to 60 '6", 68 model was introduced with 7 ", already in 1969 8" was standard.

Complaints from owners about stone chips along the´body side, the fender were pulled out behind the wheels. New interior, new parking lamps and exhaust was the year changes. 4 months strike at the factory, did that 70 model production lowered. GM. planned a new monster engine code LS7 throughout 460HP, but environmental regulations from Congress destroyed that. New was the 454ci. (7,6 liter)


Last year for the High Performens engine LS6, on the horizon waiting for the Congressional resolution on low lead gasoline, this forced compression down from 11-1 to 8,5-1.


Here begins a whole new era for Corvette with low compressed engines and more comfort. From being a macho sports car, it was more of a touring / cruiser. First with the XR-1 engine was introduced in 1990, Corvette again taken seriously by: Ferrari, Porsche etc.

Plastic nose and rear end, small engines, fully loaded and heavy cars, more show than go.

First year for hatchback, Fuel Injection.

1984-1996 Known as the C4 model.

Abs brakes, fuel injection, new advanced frame construction, new materials etc. making it a sophisticated modern super sports car at its premieres.

1997-2004 Known as the C5 modellen.

Corvette is back as a leader, standard engine on 345hk. trunk back, first time since 62.
Now available as a Convertible Targa and Coupe, special model Z06 provides 405hk.

2006- C6 Model

Z06 on the track again. Now on 505HK. A street version of the Lemans racer. Z06 is only available as a Coupe (Fixed roof).

2008- C6 Model

Standard engine is the LS7 430HP.

2009- C6 Model

ZR1 makes its debut. LS9 engine of 6.2 liter with supercharger and intercooler produces.
632HK. 0-100 km / h is made of 3.6 seconds and top speed is 330km / h

2014- C7 Model

Kom i cabriolet og Coupe, ny LT1 motor på 455 hk.

6 trins manuel eller automat.

Hydrofol böjet aluminiums ramme.

2015- C7 Model

Ny 8 trins automat.

Premiere for nye Z06 Corvette i både Coupe og Cabriolet.

LT4 motor med compressor, nu på 650 hk.

2020 - C8 Coupe model

Midt montet engine.

6.2 liter on 495hp.

8 speed with dobbelt clutch.

2021 - Corvette C8 Convertible

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