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"If quality is an issue,

We are your partner"​


​We can help you to import your dream car.

We help you avoid many costly mistakes.

We have Scott Harding working freelance in the USA.
He is in his 60'S and has been working with classic cars since receiving his driver’s license in 1958.

We have been working together for 8 years and to date has sent over more than 200 cars.

We have sold cars in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy etc.
You can read testimonials here.

Scott flies all over the USA and examines cars.

His bag is always packed and he`s ready to take-off, sometimes with only 2 hours notice.

Scott Harding is ready for traveling and checking your car.

Why use Dreamfactory for Import

  • When dealing with us you are fully insured.
  • We use only the most reliable and safe transport in the USA.
  • We use only closed trailers for maximum protection of your car.
  • We have A safe and secure indoor warehouse in Chicago under an alarm system.
  • We pack the containers, with only 2 cars on the floor in a 40” container.
    ​(no cars on top, with the risk of oil spill and other damage).
  • We unpack the container ourselves.
  • In Denmark, We use closed trailers for Corvettes and pony cars, and closed bottom trailers for large full size cars

Closed trailer in US, gives dry and safe transport.

Louise makes sure that packing, safe keeping and logistics works every time.

Avoid bad cars

Scott is always flying to the location and examining the car in person.

He puts it on a hoist and takes it for an extensive test drive.

He calls me, giving a full report.

That’s your assurance for a rust free, mechanical sound car, with nice interior and chrome.

Scotts always meets at the Customers location evaluating where the car lived and visit the owners themselves. We feel it is important to not only check out the car,
but trusting the owner is very important, to help insure the money is going to someone trustworthy who will work with us until the car is picked up.

We check the car for Liens, Salvage titles and vin # (wrong vin #, means the Car can’t leave USA)

Dreamfactory v/Allan Holmlund are secure for safe unpacking, transport from the harbor to local location.

You are in control

We keep you updated by phone and mail. (with photo information)

You Know the date of arrival in adequate time.

  • We take care of all the custom paperwork.
  • We deliver.
  • We are your guaranty for fulfilling your Dreams.

Our motto is: Quality, Quality, Quality.



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