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"If quality is an issue,

We are your partner"​


John W. West
West Partners
Indianapolis, IN 46256


Thank you for the nice note. It`s quite comforting to the family to know that my brother Carl`s Corvette will find an appreciative new owner and home.

I compliment you and your organization in the way that that you conduct business. Seemingly, there are many scammers and ne`er-do-wells in the world whose interest is only their own. It`s gratifying to know that this is not the case with you and Dream Factory.

Scott Harding is also deserving of compliment. Not only did he present himself in a professional manner, he is also quite personable. He treated us with respect and, considering the sad circumstances driving the sale of the car, sincere kindness that one does not necessarily receive in the car buying/selling business. He very clearly, carefully and methodically explained to my sister-in-law Debbie and myself the details and sequence of events that would be taking place. Scott represents you very well and is a true asset to your organization.

I will be more than willing to provide a positive review of Dream Factory and Scott Harding if you and/or he would find that of value in the future."

Henrik Nordenlund, Director.

"I start Corvette interest by buying a exiting and rare Car cheap- like everybody else. I was not a success. Allan Holmlund help me to get rid of that and find a Corvette there fulfill my dreams. Since then I have been dealing with Dreamfactory a numbers of time, some will say to many times. And I can only say that quality and honestly have always been satisfaction. I there had been anything it have always been fixed. I would never buy a Corvette today, without asking Allan for advice"

Mats Andersson & Mats Jöransson


"We at Classic Car Service in Löddeköpinge have both been buying cars from Dreamfactory. The quality of the cars speak for them self. Allan on Dreamfactory have been in the business for many years and now what his talking about.
It’s a big advance that he have Scott Harding in the US, that we have the pleasure to meet last summer.Where he visit us at Classic Car Service on his Europe tour. Allan I hope we get my new Camaro ZL1 home in 2012 ?"

Kent Jönsson

Stävie, Skåne​

"I Kent Jönsson have during the last 6 years bought C1, C2 and C3 Corvettes from Dreamfactory. I have also bought a 70 Challenger Hemi, 48 Cadillac Sedanette and a 56 Cadillac Coupe and some other accessories off Allan. It always fun to see what hide in “Aladins cave” in Löddeköpinge. Allan Holmlund and Scott Harding now there cars and they burn for the passion they work with"

Tommy Storm

"Hello Allan/Dreamfactory

I hope you can sell my Dodge Viper and my Jukebox Seeburg from 1954 on commission. I have good experience with our corporation and now if any can sell high quality memorabilia, its you. We still have great fun off that 58 Buick Century we both back in 1995. We repainted it 8 years ago in its original colors Salmon/white. I have during the years being a part of the family."

Peter Hasselblad

"We are a lots of friends, there the last 5-6 years have used Dreamfactory, to import our Dreamscars from US. Allan and Scott are good at finding “low-miles original survivor”. The cars have always be meeting our expectations and the cost have been fully documented, so you now your cost up front. So if you looking for a car in the US, we can recommendation Dreamfactory.

Med venlig hilsen
Morten Gadegaard
Indehaver, www.herning-laaseservice.dk

"Thanks for the corporation around my Dreamcar 1969 Camaro Pace Car. I fulfill my expectation and I enjoy every day where it’s a nice complementary to my 1957 Bel Air Convertible. I am happy I brought my friend Kim Boelsgård to your show room in Löddeköpinge in Skåne to see all the beautiful Classic Cars. He is so happy for his 1958 Continental Hollywood Edition Convertible you found in America. We are looking forward to doing business with you folks in the future."

Anni & Peter Bak

"Having spent approx. 1½ years looking for a specific Corvette Coupe 2006, we visited Allan and the Dreamfactory to see, whether he would be the right one to help us make a breakthrough in our search. Within two weeks, Allan with assistance of Scott Harding found the “car of our dreams” for us. We have been very confident that Allan took care of all arrangements for us in connection with transport and handling of both car and documents. Furthermore, Allan has kept us well-informed all the way in the process with up-dates via emails, photos and regular phone calls.

We are very thankful for Allan’s assistance and advice all the way, and we warmly recommend Allan & Dreamfactory."



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