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"If quality is an issue,

We are your partner"​


Dreamfactory owned by Allan Holmlund

With a registration certificate from 1960, I have almost 40 years of experience with American cars. I began Dream Factory in 1993 where I buy, sell, restore and offer courses providing Corvette knowledge and skill. 

We are a Carfax Trusted Dealer, which gives customers the insurance of receiving an undamaged car. In addition to Corvettes, we also sell and restore Classic Chevrolets from the mid 50s, as well as pony Cars. In short, we breathe-live the lifestyle that follows these cars.

For Corvettes at least 30 years old, I developed the Swedish Corvette Club judging system 6 years ago and since have been training judges for the Club. In addition, I write articles for Danish Corvette club Dream Factory has today 530 square meters of Showroom at the freeway in Löddeköpinge / Skåne

40 minutes drive from Kastrup Airport

We are next door to Classic Car Services, who restores and services American cars, the Corvette as a specialty. Together, we have over 1100 square meters of motor facility.
We complement each other in the best way and there is always more than 30 cars for potential customers to look at. To see some of our projects, go to: Dream Factory on facebook.

We import 40-50 cars a year from the US. Since 2003 we have worked with Scott Harding, a life-long classic car expert from Minnesota. He currently has sent more than 500 cars to me. If you are you interested in a special car, then Scott can fly across the United States and check it out especially for you.

  • We pack all cars in Chicago where we have indoor storage
  • We pack only two cars per 40' container, so we avoid damage
  • We only use closed transports in the US, so the weather and season is irrelevant
  • We draw even Total Loss insurance
  • We pay import duty in EU where the cost is most price worthy

We are not the cheapest, but if you will have quality, you will not find a better set-up.
Dream Factory can assist you with cars that you find / or we can find your car in the US and deliver a finished inspected licensed car to your driveway.

You can learn more from reading on my home page on the Import section or call:

Allan Holmlund on 0045 40451353



CVR: 17213903


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Produktvägen 8C

246 43 Löddeköpinge, SE