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Welcome to Dreamfactory ordering page of Wind restrictors.

Wind restrictors is a unique quality product that comes in 3 versions:

  • Scratch-resistant double acrylic with rounded corners, in clear acrylic or smoked color.
  • With laser engraved logo, unique for each make of automobile, or your logo / text we help you design.
  • With laser engraved logo / text as enlightened and floating in the air, see examples of the different cars.

When selecting your own design, we will contact you within 3 days, together we create what you want. (at extra cost, see prices below for your car brand)

Each Wind restrictors is designed for each car`s shape and appearance, which gives a unique quality product that personifies your convertible and makes it unique.

Wind restrictors is a permanently mounted Wind restrictors, which does not affect your convertible top going up and down.
It is easily mounted with the bundled hardware and instruction manual. No drilling, no Velcro, a fixed Wind Blocker with patented quality fittings.
With standard wind restrictor, it takes 10 minutes to install. If illuminated, it takes about 1 hour.

Why Windrestrictor:

  1. Eliminates the majority of air buffeting and noise.
  2. Make your convertible personalized with logo / text / light.
  3. Promote your business with personalized logo.
  4. Can be connected to the car`s lights, brake lights, fog lights (instructions included).
  5. Talk while driving without raising your voice.
  6. Arrive with hair in place, especially long hair.
  7. Enjoy your stereo potential with the top down.
  8. Keeps the car temperature inside the car.
  9. A permanent quality Wind restrictors, mounted once and for all.
  10. Better quality of life with the top down.

​Delivering time with and without standard motive 2-4 weeks.

Delivering time with personly tekst and logo 4-6 weeks.

​Book today and make your convertible unique.

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